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A : Essential Oil (Single)

Essential oils, or 'essences' as they are also called, are highly concentrated substances extracted from various parts of aromatic plants and trees. They are usually captured by steam distillation. Unlike ordinary vegetable oils like olive or coconut, plant essences are highly volatile  and will evaporate if left in the open air.

The chemistry of essential oils is complex. Most consist of hundreds of components, such as terpenes, alcohols, aldehydes and esters. For this reason a single oil can help a wide variety of disorders. Lavender, for instance, is endowed with antiseptic, anti bacterial, antibiotic, anti depressant, analgesic, decongestant and sedative properties.

Moreover, due to their tiny molecule structure, essential oils applied to the skin can be absorbed into the bloodstream. They also reach the blood as a result of the aromatic molecules being inhaled. In the lungs, they pass through the tiny air sacs to the surrounding blood capillaries by the process of diffusion. once in the blood stream, the aromatic molecules interact with the body's chemistry.

To know more about essential oils, benefits, how to use and many more, check it out at our online store and blogs.

How to choose and blend your essential oils.

 Aromatherapy is easy to integrate into your everyday life. Just having a few essential oils at home means you can create blends to fit different moods. Blending essential oils is easy. Decide how you like to feel, take a few breaths, smell the essential oil on a smell-strip or cotton bud, then trust your intuition and be playful with your choices. Once you have chosen your first essential oil, try it with one other. This leaflet gives you some suggestions, but be brave and explore your own choices too. If you want easy way, try our pre-blended essential oils. Developed by experience  aromatherapist to help the most common emotions  and conditions.

 As essential oil are highly concentrated, they need to be blended into a carrier oil, lotion, bath oil or shower gel, shampoo before being used on the skin. Use the table below to work out how many drops you need to blend safely into your base product. Please also read our Safety Information before experimenting.


Massage is wonderful way to ease aching muscles and relax or energise the body. Place a quantity of massage base, such as grapeseed oil or a lotion into a saucer (a typical full body massage uses 30ml of base product) then add the drops of essential oils based on person you are massaging. Be careful not to exceed the recommended total number of drops.

 Skin oil and Lotions:

Choose nourishing oils for skin beauty and treat skin and dealing with particular problems like argan, almond, grapeseed, rosehip, jojoba and many more. Essential oils can be mixed with cream or lotion, or added to basic mask like clay, honey, yogurt.

 Bath & Showers:

Bathing with pure essential oils is one of the most luxurious ways to enjoy their benefits; the essential oils are inhaled through aromatic steam, as well being absorbed by the skin. Add 5 drops of essential oil to a teaspoon of base oil, bath oil or shower gel, then add to a full bath (don’t add to running water) try to stay in the bath for 15 minutes to really benefit from the essential oils properties.

 Hot and Cold Compress

Effective way using essential oils besides massage to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. A hot compress can be made by filling a bowl with very hot water, add 4-5 drops of essential oil. Dip a folded piece of cotton cloth, squeeze out the excess water and place the cloth on the affected ares until it has cooled to blood heat. Best for backache, rheumatism and arthritis.

Cold compress is similar but using cold water. Best for headache, sprains, strains and other hot, swollen conditions.


Essential oils make fantastic natural air fresheners, fragrancing a room as well as setting a mood. Simply add a few drops (5-10 drops) of your chosen essential oils into iL Puro’s ultrasonic diffuser or other burner.


Help clear the head and nose with 4-6 drops of essential oil added to a bowl of steaming water. Place a towel over your head and lean over the bowl-creating a tent effect to trap the steam-and inhale the vapour for a few minutes NOTE: not suitable for children or those with asthma-instead place a bowl of hot water with added essential oils nearby.


Safety Information

Essential oils contain the high active ingredients of plants in a highly concentrated form, and must be diluted before being used on the skin. To dilute them safely please use our Blending Table below.

Essential oil can contain compounds that may cause sensitisation by skin contact. Always use essential oils with care. Discontinue use if a rash occurs. If you have sensitive skin, do a patch test before using over a larger area of skin. Even when diluted, essential oils should be kept away from sensitive areas such as eyes. If the oil should come into contact with the eyes, wash thoroughly with cold water and seek medical advice if needed.

 Essential oil should never be taken internally without the advice of professional practitioner. It is the best to use essential oils as external remedies only. This is mainly due to high concentration of the oils and the potential irritation or damage that they can cause to the mucous membranes and delicate stomach lining in undiluted form.

All essential oils should be kept out of reach of children, if a child accidently swallows an essential oil please seek medical advice immediately.

 As some essential oils are flammable, care should be taken with naked flames. Thy can also damage polished, plastic or painted surfaces.

 Essential oils are best stored away from direct heat and light, and should be used within a year of opening.  

 Contra-indication: take note of any contraindications when using particular essential oil if you have some particular wellness conditions. Avoid Fennel, hyssop and sage by epileptics, clary sage not used while drinking alcohol. Rosemary, thyme, sage not for High Blood Pressure.

 Pregnancy: during pregnancy use essential oils in half the usual stated amount.

Babies & Children:

  • Babies (0-12 months) – use 1 drop of Lavender, Rose or Chamomile diluted in 1 tsp base oil for massage or bathing
  • Infants (1-5 years)- use 2-3 drops of ‘safe’ essential oils (non-toxic & non-irritant to the skin), diluted in 1 tsp base oil for massage & bathing
  • Children (6-12 years)- use as for adult but in half the stated amount.
  • Teenagers (over 12 years) -use as directed for adults.


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