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B : Essential Oil (Blend)

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Essential oils blend

Blending or Synergism of essential oils is where some oils are blended together to have mutually enhancing effect upon one another, to get a greater result for effectiveness. For example, the sedative/antidepressant action of Lavender oil is supported by being mixed with Ylang ylang in our Sleep Easy blend. Or antibacterial action of Eucalyptus stronger when blended with cinnamon and clove in our 4 Thieves oil blend.

Blending is not only supporting one another for greater effects but also for better scent or taste. Like in cooking, a combination of seasoning, herb and spice contribute to better taste and texture. This can be seen in our Magi’s oil blend, Magi’s is formulated in combining Frankincense and Myrrh for a greater anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant actions, but not many would prefer to diffuse the combination of earthy resinous smell of myrrh and sweet balsamic of  frankincense, so we added sweet orange essential oils. Sweet orange essential oil not only helps to balance the aroma in Magi’s, but also enhances the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions.

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