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4 Thieves Essential Oil blend

4 Thieves Essential Oil blend

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4 Thieves essential oil blend

Scent: dominated by sweet spicy clove and cinnamon followed by herbaceous and citrus fresh. 

Ingredients:  Blend of 100% pure essential oils of Lemon, Clove, organic Eucalyptus Globulus, organic Eucalyptus Radiata, Organic Rosemary and Cinnamon.

Benefits: The scent does not appeal to our nose but the benefits the blend gives is many. Good to purify the room as it is strong with antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal and antiviral. Get rid of microbial hidden molds in our house, strengthen our immune system against bacterial and viral infections. Use the blend as a preventative in an unhealthy atmosphere and emergency self-defence kit.

Story of Four Thieves:

"Thieves oil” essential oil blends may be marketed as proprietary formulas today, but herbalists have passed along recipes for the famed “four thieves” remedy for literally hundreds of years during middle age. The basic legend has it that four robbers caught rifling through homes in plague-ridden France attained their freedom by revealing why they never got sick from the homes of infected patients. Apparently, the thieves created an herbal vinegar which they drank and sprinkled on themselves every two hours. The tales of what this concoction contained vary wildly. Modern “four thieves” blends often focus on four to five essential oils. Medical research bears out that these oils—usually lemon, rosemary, clove, cinnamon and eucalyptus—have powerful therapeutic benefits. 


Drop around 8-10 drops in 100ml water diffuser. 

The blend is not advisable for a massage mixture as it is too strong for skin. But 4 Thieves have many therapeutic for our wellbeing (You may google for benefits and uses) 

For travel, you can choose 3ml 4 Thieves roll on, check under our Essential oil roll on. It has the same scent and benefits.

CAUTION: Always close tightly, keep the bottle away from children. Not for internal use and neat direct on skin. 



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Customer Reviews

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4 Thieves Essential Oil blend

I love this blend. I've been using it regularly for many years now and find that it has an uplifting and energising effect. I also believe in the blend's protective properties and regularly use it if i am going to be in crowded places, even before the pandamic. During MCO, adding a drop to my mask really made the mask wearing for long periods of time much more bearable. ONe of the many Il Puro products that I am a great fan of.

Good indoor air purifier

Before I bought the 4 thieves eo, I had the roll on. I use it under my mask to reduce discomfort. I also like the eo because it's a good indoor air purifier. It's a must have!

Must have during this pandemic

Purposely bought it as an alternative to sanitize my house rather than using chemical spray. You really can smell the 2 prominent spices in this blend EO which are clove & cinnamon. I plan to soak my feet with hot water & add this EO as well in order to boost my immune system.

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Must Have

I simply love il Puro’s Four Thieves Essential Oil blend. Even tho every bottle is never the same, the scent never fails to uplift n refresh me. I hv one by my bedside table all the time.

Disinfect my house

Widely used in my home. Dilute it in spray bottle filled with water and ready to be used.