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Happy Home Essential Oil Blend

iL Puro natural

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Happy Home Essential Oil Blend

Happy Home Essential oils blend 

Ingredients: a blend of 100% pure essential oils of Cinnamon, Sweet orange, organic Bergamot, organic Geranium and organic French Lavender.

Scent: A smell of winter holiday and Christmas cookies, with warm spicy cinnamon yet sweet floral of geranium and orange and comforting lavender.

Benefits: Well-being blend oil for aromatherapy relaxation,  calms the mind, helps with stress and feelings of discomfort. Enhance immune system. In ancient cultures the blend is considered to be both panacea and aphrodisiac as it is uplifting and refreshing while protecting our home against bacterial infection while balancing our wellbeing.


Drop around 8-10 drops in 100ml water diffuser. 

The blend is not advisable for a massage mixture as cinnamon is too strong for skin. But the essential oils inside have many therapeutic benefits for our wellbeing (You may google for benefits and uses). 

CAUTION: Always close tightly, keep the bottle away from children. Not for internal use and neat direct on skin

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