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AV essential oil blend

iL Puro Natural

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AV essential oil blend

Strengthen immune system.

Blend of essential oils of Eucalyptus globulus, Tea tree, French lavender, Cinnamon and Thyme. (10ml)
Scent: dominant scent of camphoraceous (a kind of minty) and woody sweet of Eucalyptus Globulus.
These oils are rich with properties of antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidants which have many benefits for our wellbeing, especially during the pandemic. 
This blend is not intended as a replacement for any disease drug/medicines, what essential oils could do for you is act as a preventive when other people around you have infections, provide as an emergency self defence-kit, and act as a backup therapeutic option or to strengthen our body defence. For example, essential oils can easily be incorporated into face masks, to give us double protection. This is just one of the many methods we can use to protect ourselves and our family. Due to essential oils’ broad spectrum of properties, not only against viruses, the blend can be used as an emergency kit as antiseptic or antibacterial.

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