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Organic Herbal Body Butter

iL Puro natural

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Organic Herbal Body Butter
Organic Herbal Body Butter

Description: A creamy blend of coco butter and extra virgin coconut oil, infused with a soothing aromatic essential oil to nourish and hydrate dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, skin allergies, rashes, burns, stretch marks, dry skin and harsh winter moisturizer.

Aromatherapy benefit: a calming, relaxing and stress relieving.

Use: using dry and clean finger, rub the body butter and apply on dry or irritated area, can be applied anytime  as body moisturiser.  For eczema and sensitive skin, it is advisable to use any of our Natural Homemade Soap for face and body cleasing.

*NOTE:   Due to the nature of cocoa butter, our Body Butter is hard in low temperature. but it will get melted when you rub it on your skin due to your warm body temperature. you can pick it with your clean and dry nails from the jar and rub it on skin.

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, extra virgin coconut oil & French lavender essential oil.

Weight: 50ml

PLEASE store away from heat (best store below 32 Celcius) and DO NOT leave in your car.

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