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Hair Growth Oils Blend
  • Hair Growth Oils Blend

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with blend of Rosemary, cedarwood, clary sage & ylang ylang essential oil, essences from best plants to help to stimulate hair follicles for new hair growth, healthy scalp to reduce hair loss, anti dandruff.

Its excellent hair and scalp treatment by add to your shampoo, rinse and hair tonic to control dandruff, greasy hair and oily scalp and to promote growth of healthy hair by stimulates the hair follicles.


never apply on skin undiluted. Dilute/mix with carrier oil for maximum of 2% of your carrier/shampoo. for example: 

-add 5ml (2%) for every 250ml of your shampoo. 

-5ml equal to 1 teaspoon

-1ml equal to 20 drops.


Rosemary oil may irritate sensitive skin, so use in low to medium concentration.


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