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Cypress Essential Oil

Cypress Essential Oil

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Botanical name: Cupressus Sempervirens 

Type: organic 

Origin: Spain

Scent: warm, slightly spicy and woody.

Brief info:  Native to the eastern Mediterranean; now grows wild in France, Italy, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Spain, Portugal, North Africa, England and Balkan countries. Long living tree with a symbolic history of use in grief  mourning, but also transition and transformation.

Therapeutic & Blend well with

As a defence in respiratory issues and strengthen immune blend with thyme, rosemary and eucalyptus globulus. 

A good anti-inflammation, for musculoskeletal inflammation, blend with juniper berry, lavender, clary sage, cedarwood atlas, black pepper and rosemary. For skin inflammation, blend with geranium, clary sage, bergamot, sweet orange. 

For skin regeneration blend well with myrrh, frankincense or rose.

Use: for a single oil drop around 5-8 drops in 100ml water diffuser. 

Add 1-2 drops in 1 tablespoon vegetable oil (coconut/almond/sunflower) and mix well to make as massage oil for above purposes.

Caution: Always close tightly, keep the bottle away from children. Not for internal use.



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