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Tea Tree Essential oil (Australia)

iL Puro natural

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Tea Tree Essential oil (Australia)

Melaleuca alternifolia  (Organic)

Origin: Australia

Odour : Top tone with pungent, sweet and lemony notes. Extracted by steam distillation of leaves and twiglets.  

Aromatherapy/Home use:


Psychological : Mildly stimulates the mind and promotes alertness, mental confusion, disorientation and lack of concentration. Best diffuse with geranium, juniper or Atlas cedarwood.

Physiological: A restorative oil for gastrointestinal, tissue-or skin regenerative and anti-inflammatory. Strong antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal herb. Anti-parasitic and best for itch mite, scabies or lice. 

SAFETY: Externally non skin-irritant, non sensitizing. Use in dilution and moderation. Keep away from the child and use with caution during pregnancy.

NOTE: Sold as a unit in glass bottle as primary packaging, no secondary packaging as box included to reduce waste.

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