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Ylang Ylang Complete Essential Oil

iL Puro natural

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Ylang Ylang Complete Essential Oil

Cananga Odorata, Organic

Origin : Madagascar

Personally, Ylang Ylang Complete smell more intensely sweet, soft floral balsamic and fresh than our Ylang Ylang Extra. A tall tropical tree up to 21 meters high with large, tender, fragrant flowers, which can be pink, mauve or yellow. The yellow flowers are considered best for the extraction of essential oil.

In Indonesia, the flowers are spread on the beds of newly married couples on their wedding night. In Molucca Islands, an ointment is made from ylang ylang and cucuma flowers in a coconut oil base for cosmetic and hair care, skin diseases, to prevent fever (including malaria) and fight infections.

In the Victorian age, the oil was also used to soothe insect bites, and is thought to have a regulating effect on cardiac and respiratory rhythm.

Skin care: Acne, hair growth, hair rinse, insect bites, irritated and oily ski, general skin care.
Circulation muscles and joints: High blood pressure, hyperpnoea (abnormally fast breathing), tachycardia.
Nervous system:Depression, frigidity, impotence, insomnia, nervous tension and stress-related disorders - 'The writer, working with odorous materials for more than twenty years, long ago noticed that ylang ylang soothes and inhibits anger born of frustration.' 

Extensively used as a fragrance component and fixative in soaps, cosmetics ans perfumes, especially oriental and floral types; ylang ylang 3 in soaps, detergents, etc. Used as a flavor ingredient, mainly in alcoholic and soft drinks, fruit flavor and desserts. 

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