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Chamomile Roman Essential oil

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Chamomile Roman Essential oil
Chamomile Roman Essential oil

Chamaemelum Nobile (organic)

Origin: Morocco 

Its an 100% essential oil distilled from flower heads of organic Chamaemelum Nobile. Warm, sweet fruity-herbaceous scent. The herb has been used extensively as home remedies in Europe for over 2000 years, and still in use.  

Aromatherapy/Home use:



As anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant blend for massage oil with geranium, lavender, immortelle, clary sage or ylang ylang. 

Psychological :

For tension and headache, mix with peppermint for diffuser. For stress and sleep diffuse with lavender, clary sage, sweet orange, ylang ylang or geranium.


Externally non skin-irritant, non sensitizing. Use in dilution and moderation. Avoid physiological use during first trimester of pregnancy. 


Sold as a unit in glass bottle as primary packaging, no secondary packaging as box included to reduce waste.

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