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Clary Sage essential oil

Clary Sage essential oil

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Salvia sclarea (Organic)

Origin: France


Its an 100% essential oil steam distilled from flowering tops and leaves of organic Clary Sage. Native to southern and central Europe and to western Asia, clary sage was known to many ancient cultures. 

Aromatherapy/Home use:


As anti-inflammatory and for muscular tension blend with geranium, lavender, juniper, ylang ylang or sandalwood. For women massage, blend with Lavender or sweet fennel. For acne blend with sweet basil, rosemary or lavender. Add into shampoo for hair restorative or use in facial care to prevent early aging.

Psychological :

For low mood, stress, nervous, emotional shock of any kind, fear, panic or phobia, mix with lavender, sweet orange, jasmine, rose, ylang ylang or sandalwood. 

How to use 

Massage/scalp/facial: 3-5 drops in 15ml of vegetable oil.

Bath:  add 5-10 drops to the bath water when the tub is full.

Vaporization: add 5-8 drops of blend of clary sage with other above oils into 100ml electronic diffuser filled with water.  1-2 drops in hot water on the burner. 


Externally non skin-irritant, non sensitizing. Use in dilution and moderation. Avoid use during pregnancy. 


Sold as a unit in glass bottle as primary packaging, no secondary packaging as box included to reduce waste.



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