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Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil (indonesia)

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Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil (indonesia)
Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil (indonesia)

Cinnamomum Burmannii (Conventional)

Origin: Indonesia

Come in 10ml

Herbal/Folk Tradition: Cinnamon herb has been used for thousands of years in the East for a wide range of body complaints. Used extensively in food flavouring, especially in alcoholic and soft drinks, including Coca Cola. 

Aromatherapy/Home use:

Psychological :

For stress and feeling discomfort and vulnerability, combine and diffuse with ylang ylang or geranium.

How to use 

Vaporization: add 2 drops of Cinnamon + 5 drops of other oils into 100ml electronic diffuser. 1 drop in hot water in aroma burner. 


Do not use on skin as irritant. 


Sold as a unit in glass bottle as primary packaging, no secondary packaging as box included to reduce waste.

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