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Carrot Seed essential oil

iL Puro natural

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Carrot Seed essential oil

Daucus carota (Organic)

Origin: France

Scent: spicy, fresh, sweet, intense, persistent, earthy, rooty and woody.

Brief info: Also called  wild carrot, not to be confused with the culinary carrot seed that produces the orange carrot root vegetable. This is a wild growing herbal plant with large, feathery leaves and tiny white flowers, where the oil is distilled from the seed. There is a long history of therapeutic use of carrot seed in Europe and Asia.

Blend well with: citrus or spice oils, geranium, cedarwood. 

Aromatherapy use: Add 2-5  drops  in 1 tablespoon carrier oil to soothe any inflammation and also for skin regeneration. Good to revitalise and tone mature complexion. 

Therapeutic properties: It's a highly nutritious plant containing substantial amounts of vitamins A, C and B. Detoxifying and regenerative properties. 

Caution: Always close tightly, keep the bottle away from children. Not for internal use


Sold as a unit in glass bottle as primary packaging, no secondary packaging as box included to reduce waste.

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