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Herbal Roll On Deodorant
  • Herbal Roll On Deodorant
  • Herbal Roll On Deodorant
  • Herbal Roll On Deodorant
  • Herbal Roll On Deodorant
  • Herbal Roll On Deodorant

is currently backordered. You may still purchase it now but we won't be able to ship it until it becomes available again.

Deodorant linked to breast cancer...this is not  a new issue and there are talks and studies about this. You can read from many articles on website. So, why don't play safe and change to an Organic Deodorant!! 

We have 2 types of Herbal Deodorants at the moment:

1. Roll On Deodorant (Oil base)

This handmade and Organic herbal deodorant made from organic vegetable oils of Sweet Almond oil, soda bikarbonat, organic arrowoot powder and organic essential oils for anti bacteria and anti inflammation and for nice odour as well. Soda bicarbonate and Lavender to kill the bacteria causing body odour. the citrus scent of Lemon essential oil with anti bacterial properties also good as whitening agent for your underarm. 


2. Herbal Spray Deodorant (water base)

This spray deodorant is not made from water but herbal Witch Hazel with Essential oils of lavender, Lemon and Tea Tree. The Spray Deodorant is suitable for those who has sensitive skin as for some people Soda Bicarbonate could irritate skin and darken their underarms. Our Witch Hazel which imported from USA, which is derived from the bark and leaves of a shrub works as an astringent in deodorants; it shrinks the pores in the armpit. It also causes any sweat that does escape from those pores to evaporate. Tea Tree and Lavender as anti bacterial to prevent body odour while Lemon oil is to whiten the underarms.

*the spray deodorant may also be applied as Facial Toner or as an Aftershave.




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