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Ultrasonic Diffuser + Essential oil starter pack

iL Puro natural

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Ultrasonic Diffuser + Essential oil starter pack

a set consist of:

an ultrasonic diffuser with 350ml water capacity. 

a 10ml bottle of relaxing French Lavender Essential oil; and

a 10ml bottle of refreshing Lemongrass Essential oil.

A FREE Batek Terengganu tote bag (while stock last)

USE:  the diffuser could last for 12-14 hours and is perfect for living or bedroom.  Fill water with diffuser (full capacity is 350ml/ or just half empty). Add 10-15 drops of iL Puro pure essential oil for 350ml water. if you chose half water then reduce your essential oil drops.

The diffuser shall automatically turned off when water finish.

Comes with 6 months warranty (T&C apply). Please email us if you got problem with the diffuser.

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