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A : Essential Oil (Single)

Grapefruit Pink Essential Oil

iL Puro natural

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Grapefruit Pink Essential Oil

Citrus Paradisi, (Organic)

Origin: USA 

Skincare: Acne, congested and oily skin, promotes hair growth, tones the skin and tissues

Circulation muscle n joints: Cellulitis, exercise preparation, muscle fatigue, obesity, stiffness, water retention

immune system: chills, colds, flu

Nervous system: depression, headaches, nervous exhaustion, performance stress

Safety Data: non-toxic, non-irritant, non-sensitizing, non-phototoxic, It has a short shelf life-oxidizes quickly. Recommend to store in a refrigerator. May contains bergapten, as such avoid expose to sun after diluted grapefruit application on skin.

blend well with Lemon, palmarosa, bergamot, lavender, geranium, cardamon and other spice oils

Systemic effects: anticarcinogenic potential, Grapefruits oil was cytotoxic to human prostate and lung cancer cells with IC50 values of 0.09 and 0.10% respectively, but it was not cytotoxic to human breast cancer cells (Zu et al 2010). Grapefruit oil induced apoptosis in human leukemia (HL-60) cells, as three minor constituents of the oil; citral, decanal & octanal (Hata et al 2003). (+)-Limonene display anticarcinogenic activity.




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