About us...iL Puro

About us...iL Puro

Hi, my name is Nora and I’m a lawyer by profession and a crafter by passion. I make cold processed soaps, bath & body care products and my own packaging, taking my own products pictures and even this website (thank god!! I made it, finally!).

I started making soaps and eczema cream about 2 years ago, in my little kitchen and gradually making bath & body care products since then. I was inspired by the moisturizing olive soaps that put my old shower gel to shame, by the smell of lavender in the morning farmers’ market, by the kindness of 100% pure organic Argan oil on my skin, by the healing properties of unrefined shea butter on my friend’s eczema skin problem and by the world. I want to be absolutely sure what goes on my skin.

I love the smoothness of my skin after shower, the natural scent of blend of olive and coconut oil infused ylang ylang and the exfoliation of dried vegetable Loofah. I admire the colors, scents, forms and textures of botanical ingredients. I enjoy making, blending and experimenting handmade natural products. It makes me feel uplifted, refreshed and alive….not to mention the rewarding feeling of making others feel good after using my iL Puro products

iL Puro products only produced by hand making process. Products tested on me and willing loving friends and customers as ‘guinea pig’. It is a result of passion, love and drive to create something good and better for me and the world around me. It is a result of admiration of ancient beauty secret from west to east, the ancient secrets of African skincare, Persian bathing, Greek beauty and Indian hair care. It is a result of years of reading, studying and researching benefits and chemistry of botanical ingredients in order to find the perfect recipes for bath & body products that feed, cleanse, and yet condition our skin.

iL Puro means ‘the pure’ in Italian and sourcing from the best natural ingredients from all around the world, from Berber women of Moroccan villages, from housewifes in east coast of Malaysia, from purchases that feed children of Africa, from oils ethically farmed and produced in Western Australia and from plant derived ingredients regulated and manufactured in United States.

iL Puro growing from the support and encouragement of friends, family and customers. I have been selling online  on www.facebook/argan oil by il puro since August 2012 and during promotion and art bazaars in Kuala Lumpur since December 2013. From humble little kitchen we moved to a small soap studio to facilitate growing demands. Customers not only buy for their own use but also to sell within their circle.

As born from passion for art, nature and healthy living, I try my best to give the best reasonable price for our products. After all, we should never compromise the health of the largest organ of our body.

Hope you enjoy our iL Puro products. Thank you :)


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